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Changing your mans underwear and getting away with it

By: Huw Hopkin

Men never like to buy their own underwear, unless they are
metrosexual or gay, therefore has released a
women's guide to choosing men's underwear. It is an easy,
step-by-step guide that helps a woman decide on what her guy
will look good in. It also teaches her how to convince her man
to try new trendy designs of underwear, throwing out those old
Y-fronts that have been sitting in the drawer for years. The
tips from who recently released a new range of
men's underwear from the Australian brand, Bonds.

Men hate buying their own underwear. Single men tend to whiz
into big departmental stores, grabbing the 3-pack underwear that
are dyed in the dullest colors, hoping that the lady at the
checkout counter is not young and pretty. When they have got a
girlfriend or wife, the task is almost immediately delegated
quickly to her. After all, she is the only one who sees.

But what happens underneath those clothes is very important to
the women, which is why have put together some
tips for women on how to choose the best underwear. The tips
involve three simple steps which involves, firstly, working out
what kind if guy you have, choosing the type of underwear and
lastly, getting sufficient quantities the new style into the
man's drawer before explaining yourself.

First Step - What kind of man you are dealing with. The first
step involves working out what kind of man you have. Try using
the following guide:

Ubermale - This guy is so concerned with his looks that he will
take care of his own underwear and you can be sure that you can
trust that it will look good on him. It is best to make sure
that he does not end up out-dressing you in the underwear
department. The best thing for this guy is to hand him a mens
g-string so he can admire his own buttocks in a mirror.

Metrosexual man - He owns at least some form of facial cream and
does enjoy shopping. It would be normal to see this guy wearing
something from Zara or American Apparel. Trunks are the thing
for this kind of man. He will be well aware that Calvin Klein
have great looking trunks.

Family man - Spends most of his time with babies climbing all
over him. Therefore something comfortable and easy are important
like briefs. By the time he crawls into bed after putting the
baby to sleep you won't notice what he has on anyway.

Lad - This guy is busy down the local bar watching football,
humming to songs as he showers in the football changing room.
Best advice is too get him something that will not embarrass his
mates at the club. Good old fashioned boxers are perfect for him
and you can even choose to vary the material by buying something

Seond step - Ordering A man will normally wear one pair of
underwear for as long as possible without changing. It is pretty
disgusting, therefore women should make sure he changes it and
has at least 14 days worth of underwear supply. This way you can
make sure he will get around to his washing every two weeks.
However, if you want to make sure he washes his underwear more
often, the solution is obvious, buy less underwear. A friend
once bought a single three pack only. If you want to get 14 days
supply you can order a special package by contacting and get an exciting selection of colors using
the code 14days at checkout.

Step three - Making the switch Now, tips on how to get rid of
the old designs. The fastest way to is to use the direct
approach. Dump the underwear in the trash on a garbage day. You
really don't want him rummaging in the trash can looking for
them while cursing at you. Make sure his new underwear is placed
exactly where the old ones would have been. If the colors match,
the change in underwear type might even go unnoticed for a few
days if you're lucky.

Step four - Explaining yourself When your man asks where his
favorite underwear disappeared to, you can choose your how you
want to explain the truth. It is easy to say the washing machine
chewed it up or go straight for the cliché, "I prefer you
without them" and them head for the hot rumble that follows,
helping him get over the fact his favorite y-fronts have gone.

For more information contact Huw Hopkin

About the author:
Huw Hopkin manages the online underwear shop,
that sells women's and men's underwear. will ship
world-wide to anyone who is deprived of good underwear like
Bonds to keep their intimates comfortable and looking good. For
more information, contact


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