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Boxer Shorts

By: Josh Riverside

Boxer shorts are underwear made usually for men. They were
dubbed "boxer shorts" because they were patterned from those
worn by professional boxers.

Boxer shorts first appeared in the 1930s, but they weren't so
popular since men back then were so accustomed to briefs. It was
only two decades later those boxer shorts gained a following. It
needed one Nick Kaman to wear them in a popular jeans-brand
outdoor billboard advertisement in the 1980s. Even though up to
now, boxers are still not as popular as briefs, there is a
swelling preference for boxers today.

Boxer shorts have certain advantages compared to other
underwear. The majority of surveys say that women prefer seeing
boxer shorts on men. The opening in front of the boxer shorts
allows convenience for men when nature calls. There are also
more patterns, styles, and colors available on boxer shorts as
compared to briefs. They can also be taken off more easily.
Doctors also say that the cool temperature allowed by wearing
boxer shorts permits the production of more sperm in men. Boxer
shorts cover more area than briefs.

On the other hand, critics of boxer shorts claim there are
certain disadvantages to wearing shorts as compared to other
types of underwear. They feel that boxers don't have the snug
fit that briefs offer when you wear them, and that the penis may
be exposed when you wear them without another layer of clothing.
The genitals are not supported and tend to move around a lot,
creating much discomfort when playing sports. The waistband can
likewise irritate the skin (but this may also be true with
briefs). Even with another layer of clothing, an erection is
obvious when you wear boxers. Wearing certain kinds of pants
over boxer shorts looks awkward. And lastly, the loose-fitting
kind can move in awkward positions.

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