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New HUNG Fashion Model - HUNG Announces Their New Model for

By: Stefanos Cunning

London, UK-23 September 2005-HUNG today announced that
they have found their new model for the HUNG Autumn 2005
Fashion Collection, which includes mens underwear, mens briefs,
boxers, jock-straps, vests, tank-tops, jogging bottoms,
track-suits, shorts, and swimwear.

The HUNG Model, recently posed for the launch of
HUNG's new Mens Briefs, which are expected to be in
retail shops through-out London at the beginning of next month,
they are also currently available for pre-ordering from
HUNG's global website:

"We had an amazing photo-shoot with our new model, whose
identity remains a secret for now, as we begin our 'Who's the
HUNG Man?' campaign", said HUNG's Chairman and
Managing Director, Stefanos Cunning, "and we couldn't have asked
for a better photographer, George Dewhirst's work is

"Our new mens briefs have been designed to fit with perfect
comfort, and as anyone can see they are also extremely sexy.
It's not just about underwear, it's about the brand and the way
it makes you look and feel. That's why we are privileged to have
found the perfect model, who not only has the HUNG look,
but also loves the brand."

For further information on HUNG - The Latest Designer
Fashion, Club, and Gym-wear for men, please contact HUNG
at 0870 383 1893 or visit

For further information about George Dewhirst, please visit

About the author:
Stefanos Cunning is managing director of HUNG, the latest
fashion-wear, gym-wear and club-wear for men.


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