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How To Know If You Have Jock Itch Symptoms

By: Terry Edwards

For anyone who has suffered from jock itch symptoms, you already
know all to well what a nuisance it can be. The itching and
scratching just doesn't seem to go away. So, how do you get jock
itch to start with?

Jock itch, which is also named Tinea Cruris, is a fungus
infection that affects the skin in the groin area. It is also a
form of ringworm which infects a great number of men.

The area of the groin is a perfect environment for the growth of
jock itch. It's warm and moist. The summer months are especially
tough since you sweat much easier in hot weather. Wearing very
tight fitting clothing can also bring bring it on, as well as
those who are obese or suffer from diabetes mellitus.

Many people mistakenly believe that jock itch only affects
athletes since that it how it got its name. Just as athletes
foot affects non-athletes, the same applies to to jock itch. If
you sweat a lot you can easily catch it. Can women also get it?
While the vast majority of individuals who suffer from jock itch
symptoms are male, females can also get this form of ringworm
infection themselves.

How do you know if you have jock itch?

There are several different jock itch symptoms that will let you
know if you have it. Do you notice a circular, raised, red rash
around your groin? Have you been experiencing a lot of itching?
Does it seem like the more you scratch, the more you itch? Have
you had any flaking or peeling of your skin in the groin area?
All of these are classic symptoms.

How to get rid of jock itch?

Without doing anything, it will generally go away on its own in
2 weeks, but in the meantime you'll have to go through a lot of
itching and discomfort. To help in getting rid of it much
sooner, you can use any number of antifungal creams or sprays
that are at your local drugstore. These over the counter
remedies work very well, and very quickly in curing the problem.

Be sure you wash and thoroughly dry off the infected area on a
daily basis. Use the medication as prescribed on the label, and
change your underwear on a daily basis as well.

Usually, a doctors visit is not required unless you have an
extreme case that lasts longer than 2 weeks or causes other
health related problems as well.

While jock itch symptoms can be a real nuisance at times, by
following a few of these tips you'll be back to normal in no

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