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Can't get enough of that Jockey

Can't get enough of that Jockey

So I'm boldly forging ahead, deeper into the territory of exclusively
wearing men's clothing. I bought another three pack of boxer briefs
(they're so comfy!) along with cheap white tshirts and wifebeaters.
(I've been chastised before for using that terminology, and I
certainly understand the criticism, but honestly, I don't care. My
personal usage of the term isn't meant to link with domestic violence
in any way--I use it purely as a descriptor, one that I think best
differentiates this particular undershirt from other tank tops.)

I'm also reveling in wearing said undershirts in lieu of a bra. So liberating!

And yet.

During our continuation of Feelings the other night, I mentioned that
I'm hard pressed to think up many instances in which I proudly declare
my womanhood. I'm quite proud of my membership on the women's crew...



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