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…been gathering up lots of information for you on cool new underwear related things and trends to get you or a friend for this holiday season. One thing that has been catching my eye over and over again lately is the new line of men's underwear, C-IN2. This fairly new brand was co-founded by the creator of 2(x)ist. …Lots of the undies in this line offer what is called "sling support technology"-think breast enhancers for the male part. This is achieved with an adjustable ½ wide elastic sling inside the pouch that forms a ring around your scrotum and penis which lifts them forward. On top of this great new idea C-IN2's line of underwear also boasts soft cotton material, low rise, and sporty cuts and designs…. offers every style for every type of guy; from jocks to briefs, to boxerbriefs, to boxers, to longjohns, C-IN2 offers it all with lots of comfort and style…



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