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Of Jockey, clubs, and feelings

Of Jockey, clubs, and feelings

I think the white pair fits me more snugly than the black pair, which
I'm currently wearing.

Why do I torture myself by going to clubs? There are several things
that are certain in life, or at least in my life.

1. I do not approach women in clubs. I have in the past, but various
rejections have led me to believe that this is not actually a good

2. Whenever I see a woman I find attractive or intriguing, it is
really only a matter of seconds before I see her put her arm
around/dance all up on/make out with another woman.

3. When I go dancing with friends, inevitably they end up dancing with
each other more than with me.

4. When I get fed up and sit in a corner watching, sadly, no one
thinks I am attractive in that brooding loner sort of...



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